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thedailypic•Yr4•151/365•The Pills

The Pills
February 28, 2013

I was going to write I suck at being sick, but really? is there anyone that is good at it? I suppose some of us might deal with it better than others.  I did work with a guy that liked being sick, he took advantage of it to the fullest.  His mother would cater to him night and day, grant him his every wish, pillows, magazines, movies, special food, I knew he would drag it out as long as he could turn a cold into a 2 week project.  This is only worse when you know he was single, 40 something and lived in her basement. I remember the day I had to take the call from her that he would not make it in to work, she said he “had the sniffles”… we saw him 5 days later. He looked like he had gained 10lbs.

I approach being sick from a different angle. I deny how bad it is for the first few days. Maybe swing by the old medicine cabinet, see what left overs are there to help out (don’t roll your eyes, I know most of you do it too, just none on wants to own up to it – I draw the line at the dogs pills). Couple days later I think I might have pneumonia, so I start thinking about calling someone professional, maybe watch an episode or two of Dr. Oz. If it has not worked it self out by the 4th day, I MIGHT finally break down and make an appointment or go to a clinic.  On the drive there I always seem to feel better, some how by the time I am in the chair being examined I feel the need to explain how I WAS sick but I am just not showing any signs right now, you should have seen me 15 minutes ago.  I blame a quack Doctor who I used to see in the 90’s.  The guy would never believe anything was wrong with me, I had to beg for him to believe me, and sometimes he would convince me I was not sick.

Anyway, I am sick, soon I will not be, it is really that simple. These pills were developed by skilled technicians to fix me, of course I will need to stop taking them a few days early to stock up for the next time I might be sick.


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thedailypic•Yr4•150/365•Angry Hazmat Man

Angry Hazmat Man
February 27, 2013

I am sick. I thought I had a Lego Doctor, I do not, I have an angry hazmat guy though, not sure what that has to do with anything…


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thedailypic•Yr4•143/365•Gourmet Dinner

Gourmet Dinner
February 20, 2013

Kids are still with my parents, wife is in the Mexico area on a floating Carnival toilet and once again I find myself in need of dinner.  Tonight no fancy diner food, tonight it is popcorn.  Not microwave popcorn, no, the good stuff, cooked on a stove popcorn, with kernels, I know how to spoil myself… gourmet like.

Now, last night I shared Part One of the Seven Days Without a Wife post from 3 years ago. The response was great, thanks for reading… here is Part Two.  In all there are 7 parts (hence the title).  For those who like the short posts… stop reading now, right now,  you know who you are – I won’t name names (yet).


Seven Days Without a Wife: Day 2 – February 6, 2009

9:32am – What the hell is wrong with those kids! How hard is it to get up, get dressed and get out of the house? I do it everyday, pretty much in 15 minutes flat. I got up at my normal time, and got ready. Then… then, I woke them up, they are lucky I let them sleep that extra 15 minutes. Lights on, time to get up! “No, Mommy lets us sleep longer.” Screw that, it is time to get up and get ready. With extra time, it still seemed like we were cutting it close.

How long does a shower take? After fighting with her on just the thought of taking it (10 minutes) she then took a 20 minutes shower. Boy on the other hand still thought school was delayed. He asked me “Do we have to get ready like yesterday?” Stupidly I answered “yes, of course you do” and left him. Turns out he took that to mean he had another 2 hours to get ready. WTF! The best was the question “Where are your gloves?” His brilliant answer “In the lost and found at school”. Like he keeps them there. He told that is where he usually finds them. Insane.

Things I did In the time it took them to get ready:

• Got the trash ready for the curb,

• Prepared all the recycling,

• Treated the driveway and walks with ice melt,

• Checked/Replied to my work and personal emails,

• And oh yea… got ready for work!

After waiting for a bus that was never going to arrive and asking Dan every 2 minutes “What are you coming home with today buddy?” Answer: Gloves (4th lost pair this year). I was finally able to get to work. Now, for a person who goes to work at 6:30- 6:45 in the morning, an 8:45 commute sucks. Buses, cars, people, all in my way. I had to practically park in the next town… Dammit, I forgot to check the dishes!

5:28pm – The dishes are still sitting there, and not just the new ones from last night, those bowls from earlier yesterday. Nothing ever sits there that long. This is insane, it’s not like we have a ton of dishes we can eat off.

Unrelated, the school nurse called and left a message… “Uhm Hello.. this is Nurse McKay at the McGovern School, I am just calling to let you know Daniel poked himself in the eye with his pencil today in class… nothing serious, slightly red, I gave him a cold compress and sent him back to class, just wanted to let you know…” Sh*t I guess that’s my fault, I forgot to tell him not to do that today.

Oh and no on the gloves… “Didn’t have time to look for them” I guess his schedule was very tight.

8:12pm – So we went out to eat due to the dishes situation. I learned some stuff. Anna informed where we have been putting the dishes is just a sink. Not a dishwasher/sink. Mommy does the dishes, we do not have a dishwasher, I acted like I knew that, told her I was testing her. Shit. Mommy is in California, I think we have like a days worth of clean dishes left. Told her I would pay her to do the dishes. Nope. Going to need a plan.

Stopped at the store on the way home bought some paper plates.

Status: I am still claiming success, the paper plates will help, and I am sure this morning with the kids was an anomaly, just need to remind the boy not to poke his eye out, and really need to work on that glove thing.


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thedailypic•Yr4•133/365•The Icicle & The Sun

The Icicle & The Sun
February 10, 2013

An icicle and that is the sun setting behind it, no Photoshopping, just a clarity filter, softened a bit, but pretty much this is as I saw it, actually as my wife saw it.  We took a walk this afternoon and she called this one out.  The sun was low and the ice was hanging from a pine branch.  She wanted me to make it the dailypic… I do not like it. I am not sure why, I think I would stop at it if I were scrolling through photos online, I would spend time looking at it, and then think… I don’t like it.  I will give it credit for making me stop, that’s worth something. So, if you do like it remember I took it, if you do not like it, remember my wife insisted I show it to you. I added a shot of her below from the same walk, I like that photo better.




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February 4, 2013

Inspiration comes from everywhere. As you may or may not know – who knows who is actually reading this thing – I spent part of last week in South Carolina. Which meant, hotels and restaurants. What do these have in common? Random artwork, often photographs hanging in rooms, halls, dinning areas and even bathrooms. The bathroom in my hotel room had a 16×20 photo of a leaf with 3 or 4 water drops on it, a macro shot that I have versions of myself. It was nice, not great, just nice.  Pleasant to look at but nothing I would stare at or study. Art I categorize as “space taker”… framed artwork, designed to take up space but not time. I always want to know how these get there? I assume each room has the same shot in the same place in a similar bathroom. The hotel had 6 floors, maybe 50 rooms on each floor, so 300+ rooms,(this is where I stopped to eat- it will make sense or not in a minute) it is part of a chain, so even more math someone, somewhere took a so-so shot and it is hanging in more spots than though I doubt many people have seen it. What does this have to do with today’s picture… no, really, what does it have to do with it? Even I have lost where I was going with this. It all made sense when I started typing, then I stopped to have dinner, picked back up and lost the train of thought. Did you know I was going to call this photo ‘Warm Nuts’ – the warm color (yellow, brown), get it? Made me laugh… oh yes, wow this is a train wreck. I could see this hanging somewhere like a hotel lobby, maybe a kitchenette in one of those long-term hotels. I would love to get the gig of taking “space takers”, if it pays. Then again, do I want my work not seen?  It is like the tree in the woods thing. If your photo is hung in 1000 places, yet no one sees it…. do I still get paid?



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