the dailypic 5291 yr15 178 The Other One

To be fair and offer equal time, Reyka had her own studio session today. It was not her birthday, but she did get groomed at All Fur Love, so while she was looking her best, it just made sense. Not as easy as her brother to take photos of, she suffers from a bit of Adhd, at the least. The photo above sums her up to a tee.


4 thoughts on “the dailypic 5291 yr15 178 The Other One

  1. Annmarie Fontecchio says:

    They are both such Beautiful dogs. Lots of Love!!!!

  2. Nancy Vinton says:

    I’m glad to see that Reyka got her time to shine. Beautiful dogs to show off!!!!

  3. Mike Towle says:

    You have two beautiful dogs and need to enjoy them as long as you can


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