the dailypic 5287 yr15 174 Big Guy is 5

Today is Argus’s Fifth Birthday. He is the most affectionate dog I have ever had and will ever have. To strangers, he is scary. To us, he is nothing but pure love. He is a lap dog that weighs 150 lbs (like me, he is currently on a diet). He got all cleaned up this week at All Fur Love in Medway, and today was his special photo session; he had fun with it, giving me a few poses, I think he was just happy to be in the barn without his sister. My greatest wish would be to keep him at five forever.


4 thoughts on “the dailypic 5287 yr15 174 Big Guy is 5

  1. Annmarie Fontecchio says:

    Wow! Angus is so handsome!!
    One lucky guy!

  2. Lunda Towle says:

    One lucky dog.. big enough to count for two or three or four!!


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